After ten years dedicated to photography, the artist once again approaches painting with portraits and then full-length figures.

Unlike his photographic images composed around one or more characters in a dense setting, his  works present a unique, exclusively female being in a stripped-down interior.

The essential and recurring theme of his work concerns the intimate and the memory so difficult to transcribe. Distant memory which when sexual leads to the construction of desire. Clothing, the second element of the image, comes in different aspects and contrasts with the same figure of the model. It persists on the canvas through outfits and uniforms, mixed with fetish materials.

If it is very connoted, the subject’s face is distant as it is external to itself; contrast between a present body and an absent mind. Entity foreign to what it wears, far from the
present moment and navigating elsewhere.The highly realistic way is inspired by classical painters; the atmosphere evokes late 19th century painting: from the Pre-Raphaelites to Khnopff, Klimt, Hammershoi or Lévy-Dhurmer.

With the Mud Serie or De Boue Serie, the artist emphasizes matter and its multiple aspects; encounter of different textures such as silk, leather or latex with organic matter, liquid or muddy, the prima materia of creation.