« … Richard Tronson’s photography depicts an internal contradiction… Sleepwalking beings torn off the logic of ordinary behaviors… Identifiable locations, unidentifiable actions. Homogeneity of the setting, but emptiness of the content.The intentional contradiction is used to stir up what is known, create confusion and bring it to the surface.  »                                            Paul Ardenne



  The essential and recurrent theme of Richard Tronson’paintings gravitates around the intimate memory so difficult to transcribe. Distant impressions which, when erotisized, become fantasies.

The character’s face is distant as if it was detached from herself. Present body and absent mind, foreign to the clothes she wears, distant from the present moment and navigating between two worlds.

In contrast with a recurrent face of the model, clothing appears in different aspects. It returns on the canvas in form of outfits and uniforms, mixed with fetish materials.

The highly realistic painting style is inspired by late 19th century paintings from the Pre-Raphalites to Khnopff, Klimt, Hammershoi or Levy-Dhurmer. 

In his latest Mud ( De Boue) series, the artist works with fabric and organic matter in their multiple aspects; a combination of different textures such as silk, leather or latex with clay, the materia prima of creation.